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Scientists identify four mechanisms that contribute to gastric cancers -- ScienceDaily

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This is prosztatitis megnyilvánulásai important since gastric cancer is prostate cancer treatment early detection second most common cause of cancer deaths worldwide, claiming almostlives annually, 60 percent of which are Asians. This led to the identification of four distinct processes that cause mutations in gastric cancer.

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One of these was found to have a targeted impact on genes and is potentially triggered by bacterial infection. The other processes were found to have impact throughout the genome, and included oxidative damage processes and the failure of DNA proof-reading mechanisms. The discovery of the mutative actions of these processes provides essential clues to the formation of gastric cancers, paving the way for diagnostics and targeted therapy.

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The findings were published online in the December issue of Genome Biology. First author and GIS Principal Investigator Dr Niranjan Nagarajan said, "Cancers are constantly evolving, and therefore understanding how they do so is important for finding new treatments. Mutational processes in cancer had not previously been shown to have a targeted impact on the genome and on genes.

With this study, we show evidence of this for the very first time. This is truly exciting since it moves us a critical step towards understanding and finding a cure for gastric cancer.

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This work further showcases the reputation of Singapore as a world-leader in gastric cancer research. Through the analysis of somatic mutations occurring in gastric cancers, this team has identified several interesting genes which have profound implications in cancers. Note: Content may be edited for style and length.

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Tan, Yijun Ruan. Whole-genome reconstruction and mutational signatures in gastric cancer.

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