Prostate tumour marker,

Detection of Clinically Significant Prostate Cancer Using a Urinary Multimarker Sensor

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Clin Cancer Res ; 27 7 :04 However, a significant subset of patients is ineligible to receive cisplatin-based therapy due to medical contraindications, and no NER-targeted approaches are available for platinum-ineligible or platinum-refractory ERCC2-mutant cases. In addition, we used available clinical and sequencing data from multiple urothelial tumor cohorts to develop and validate a composite mutational signature of ERCC2 deficiency and cisplatin sensitivity.

Kaleidoscope - Művelődés- Tudomány- és Orvostörténeti Kiadványok Prostate tumor marker The first marker of malignant disease in modern medicine was identified in by the English physician-chemist Henry Bence-Jones. Yet, at that time, of course, he was not aware that the protein named as Bence-Jones he discovered, was a pathogenic indicator prostate tumor marker multiple myeloma.

Irofulven specifically targets cells with inactivation of the transcription-coupled NER TC-NER pathway and leads to robust responses in vitro and in vivo, including in models with acquired cisplatin resistance, while having minimal effect on cells with intact NER.

We also found that a composite mutational signature of ERCC2 deficiency was strongly associated with cisplatin response in patients and was also associated with cisplatin and irofulven sensitivity in preclinical models. A composite mutational signature of NER deficiency may be useful in identifying patients likely to respond to NER-targeting agents, including cisplatin and irofulven.

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Prostate tumour marker related commentary by Jiang and Greenberg, p.

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